Group Exhibition
Northern Lights
2024.01.13 - 02.29
TRIUMPH GALLERY is pleased to present Northern Lights, a double solo exhibition by artists Lars Elling and Martin Golland from January 13 to February 29, 2024, featuring more than 10 paintings created by the two artists  in recent years.

The artists Lars Elling and Martin Golland transpose the audience into the inner dimension of their works, immersing them in an instant in which perception surpasses the representation. Within their works, they probe the intricate relationships between the individual and the environment, symbols and expressions, perception and emotions, fiction and reality.

Family is the repetitive theme in Lars Elling’s works, familiar moments infiltrated by surprising or unpleasant elements. The formalistic aspect of His paintings is characterized by the erased and the broken, the pure visual expression has a meaningful function, where story and poetry are strong fundamentals. Martin Golan's paintings offer a meeting point between a built environment and the natural world. I seek to open up a space between living forms and their contexts. Here, the material presence of paint’s sensuality, unruliness, and affective potential overtake the image and its efficacy, embodying forces at the edge of the visible.

Both artists’ practices stem from representation, yet they strive to reshape long-standing modes through unique expressions. The soliloquies enacted in Lars Elling’s works fixate on the essence of “things” in a momentary space-time, eliciting questions of the audience’s self-perception and their pure sensation within an aesthetic experience. Martin Golland’s fabricated reveries, with its labyrinthine pictorial structures, all reach the audience’s visual core, scrutinizing and challenging the audience’s gaze. “Splendid and intense, yet silent, gentle, and soul-stirring.” Through personal experiences, both artists utilize representations that transcend the status quo of figurations, endowing their works with a vibrant, ever-shifting vitality.
Lars Elling
Lars Elling was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1966. He attended Statens Høgskole for Kunsthåndverk og Design, Bergen, from 1988 to 1993. His artworks have been exhibited worldwide, including in various countries such as Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Denmark, France, and the United States. They have been widely featured in reviews, articles, and publications, receiving high acclaim from both domestic and international public institutions as well as private collectors. Public collections housing his work include the National Gallery, Oslo, Haugar Museum of Art, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Arts Council Norway, Oslo, and Oslo Municipality. Lars Elling currently resides and works in Oslo, Norway.
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Martin Golland
Martin Golland was born in Montpellier, France in 1975. Martin Golland received his MFA from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2006 and his BFA from Concordia University, Montreal in 1998. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including “Adisokamagan: We All Become Stories” at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2018),  “Imaging Disaster” at Museum London, Ontario (2013) and the “11th Annual RBC painting Competition” at the National Gallery of Canada (2010). His work has been written about in numerous reviews, articles and publications. His work has been collected into public and private collections across Canada, USA, Germany, and abroad.
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