Yang Liming
Yang Liming: Deconstruction of Inner Images
2022.03.12 - 04.06
Triumph Gallery is pleased to announce that from March 12 to April 6, 2022, it will present Yang Liming's latest solo exhibition "Deconstruction of Inner Images". As the artist's third solo exhibition at the gallery, this exhibition covers nearly 20 important works of Yang Liming in ten years, mainly showing the "White Series" and several new works in the past two years, as well as representative works of his "Period of Black" and "Period of Red".

In this exhibition of "White Series" works,  Yang Liming has taken another forward. The language of these paintings also references calligraphy, but the visuality and formal expansion of the compositions have undergone a fundamental transformation. In contrast to the "Black Series" and "Red Series", the "White Series" unfolds from the outside to the inside, from space to plane.The elusive, mysterious aesthetic experience from his previous works has weakened to give way to the materiality and tactility of the composition, so that ever-expanding lines in these works transform into calligraphic traces. On the other hand, due to the artist's emphasis on flatness and materiality implies an insistence on gesture that symbolizes the formal expansion and flow of emotions. Such formal expansion and layering of colors also imply the enrichment of values. For the audiences, the white color fields and the ghostly lines path the way for them to enter the artist’s painterly world.

In addition, the exhibition also includes two old series of the artist: Black, and Red. The "Black Series" seems to be purer, and the black becomes an extremely dramatized element. Given the enormous scale of his paintings, the color fields painted in black engulf its audiences with an aesthetic experience that is both aloof yet sublime, desolating yet melancholic. At the same time, In order to disrupt the formal and structural autonomy of the "black color fields", Yang Liming has intensified the Eastern aesthetic ideal of "ink encompasses all five colors" and highlighted the calligraphic nature of his works.

The "Red Series" is a continuation and deepening of the "Black Series", with the artist emphasizing more on the conceptual expression sustained by language and form. The language of Yang Liming's paintings originates from gestures, but the ultimate goal is to inject new meaning into the form. It’s more of an everyday meditative act. The traces of mark-makings left behind became a witness of the artist’s presence, but because this behavior is often accompanied by a variety of emotions, bestowing the lines with different expressive powers.

Since the Pre-Qin period, the ancient Chinese already proposed that "the sage imitated the images of all created things to express his own intentions fully". During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the idea of "acquiring meanings by relinquishing forms" has somehow morphed into a leading principle for artistic creation. Unlike how Western modernist abstraction’s conflict between subject and object, Chinese artists, on the one has, have to come up with a personal style and a creative methodology, and on the other hand, they need to achieve an "intersubjectivity" between the subject and object through their painterly languages, extracting from it the cultural and aesthetic values. In the sense that the exhibition with his knowledge in the Chinese art and aesthetic culture, "Deconstruction of Inner Images", reveals how Yang Liming constructed his painterly world through a contemporary artistic language and conceptual expression.
Yang Liming
Yang Liming was born in 1975 in Sichuan, China. He graduated from the Art College of Sichuan Normal University in 1999 with bachelor degree on oil painting. Currently lives and works in Beijing

Yang Liming’s paintings are abstract, in the same time having a stable, firming ground structure. Nevertheless, by closer perception there are many different aspects, parts that show reflection, sigh and some light moments of joy. Here is maybe the point to connect with Franz Schubert’s music with its delicate points like open wounds, melancholic meditations of questions without answers given. Yang Liming’s paintings take the viewers into their deep universe, in case the viewer permits to be carried away.  Just as well as in Schubert’s music are questions rising, involving the observer into their matter.  What is melancholia in Schubert’s music stays as a mystery in Yang Liming’s paintings.
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