黑夜未至-许宏翔个展 Not Dark Yet-Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition




艺术家 | Artist: 许宏翔  Xu Hongxiang

策展人| Curator:亚历山大·格林姆 Alexandra Grimmer

开幕时间 | Oppning Ceremony:2018年3月17日 16:00

展览时间 | Duration:2018年3月17日-2018年4月25日












Triumph Gallery is pleased to present “Not Dark Yet – Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition” on March 17th, 2018 at Triumph Gallery. This exhibition will present Xu Hongxiang’s works created during 2016 to 2018.

The recent works by Xu Hongxiang demonstrate an almost surrealistic aesthetic form and visual expression, which is thanks to his unique use of light. The painter casts light only from one direction onto a few parts of the image, leaving the rest in shadow. Xu manages to create a feeling of enigmatic mystery.

In Xus recent works, there are often scenes with branches of trees, light-flooded forest glades or waterfalls, which have been transferred in a special atmosphere. When considering the image formation of his paintings, a very particular view is being presented through the artist: there is never a whole landscape visible in one painting. Each time, Xu selects particular moments, similar to a view that has been limited through a small window. When it comes to the origin of his images, the artist negates that it is a matter of real, existing landscapes. The sceneries themselves do not primarily interest him. What do interest him are the formal aspects that can be found in certain branches of trees and how their shapes and physiognomies accrue in the background.

When thinking of these works, it quickly becomes evident that none of them were set up as concepts by themselves. They all came out of the process of working and reflecting on his work: ‘How to paint and what to paint’, as the artist puts it in simple words. These are the two fundamental questions that Xu Hongxiang has always been exploring.


About the artist

Xu Hongxiang was born in Changsha, Hunan province in 1984. He graduated from the printmaking department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) with a bachelor´s degree in 2007, and received the masters degree from the same department in 2011. He currently works and lives in Beijing. Xus works are mainly easel paintings. In his prior phase, Xu is interested in the relationships between painting and image. Recently, Xu focuses on discussing the relationships between painting and reality through several individual projects. His solo exhibitions and individual programs are: Not Dark Yet - Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition" (Triumph Gallery, Beijing, China, 2018), "Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition" (SZ Art Center, Beijing, China, 2014), "In the Field" (Hunan, China, 2016), "Li Qiang" (Hunan, China, 2016), etc. The latest group exhibitions are:  Visual Questions (Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong, China, 2017), “Oriental Story” (NAMOC, Beijing, China, 2017), “Centripetal Force” (Sydney College of the Art SCA Galleries, Sydney, Australia, 2017), “The Migration of Fission” (Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2017), etc. Xu Hongxiang won the Discover Future Award by Art Power 100. Xus works has been collected by CAFA Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art and many other institutes and private collections.