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TRIUMPH|West Bund Art & Design Booth B120

TRIUMPH GALLERY is pleased to announce that the gallery will attend the 10th edition of West Bund Art & Design at West Bund, Shanghai from November 9 to 12, 2023Booth B120.

As a first-time participant in the art fair, the gallery will present Fang Lijun Solo Project at the West Bund Art Center Hall B.

Fang Lijun's series of portraits, which he began creating in 2015, is more obviously directed, he chose to replace oil paintings and prints with ink paintings, capturing the personality of the faces in an extremely exaggerated, comic-like expression. Fang Lijun's intention is to express the character of the person, and to convey the relationship between him and the person he is painting through the portrayal of the "face".

Fang Lijun's ceramics seek to break with people's preconceived notions of what they are, and to open up the enormous space of reference behind ceramics. In repeated experiments, porcelain making is pushed to the tipping point of extreme fragility, existence and collapse, where success means the labor is nullified, and then back to square one.



11/09    13:00 - 19:00
11/10    12:00 - 13:00


11/10    13:00 - 18:00
11/11    13:00 - 18:00
11/12    12:00 - 18:00



Fang Lijun
Fang Lijun was born in 1963 in Handan, Hebei, China. He graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. On July 1st of the same year, Fang Lijun moved to Yuanmingyuan, the Old Summer Palace, and later the Yunamingyuan Artists' Village was gradually formed. In 1993, Fang Lijun established his studio in Songzhuang. The Songzhuang Artists' Village has steadily developed for the last two decades. In 2014, Fang Lijun established the Archive of Chinese Contemporary Art. 

Fang Lijun has held solo exhibitions in major art institutions and galleries, including Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Japan Foundation, Ariana Museum in Geneva, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, The Macao Museum of Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Hunan Museum, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum.  His participation includes the Venice Biennale, Sǎo Paulo Biennial, Kwangju Art Biennial, and Shanghai Biennial.  His works are collected by The Museum of Modern Art (USA), Seattle Art Museum (USA), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (USA), Centre de G. Pompidou (France), Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst (Germany), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam(Holland), The National Gallery of Australia (Australia), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Japan), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Japan), Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan), National Art Museum of China (China), Shanghai Art Museum (China), Guangdong Art Museum (China), He Xiangning Art Museum (China), Hunan Museum (China), CAFA Art Museum (China).  He is one of the Chinese contemporary artists with the most extensive collection by major art institutions worldwide.

He has published more than 50 personal albums and related publications, including Fang Lijun: Chronicles, Fang Lijun: Criticism, Fang Lijun: Works of Art, FANG LIJUN, Fang Lijun: The Precipice Over the Clouds, Fang Lijun: Espaces Interdits Forbidden Areas, Fang Lijun: Woodcuts, Live Like A Wild Dog, Etc.  Fang Lijun has been invited as a visiting professor and graduate supervisor at more than 20 universities and colleges, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts, etc.  In 1993, his painting "Series 2, No. 2" appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.
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