Born in August 1957, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China.

Graduated from Department of Oil Painting at LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in 1983, and currently is a professor in Studio Four at China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Member of China Artists Association, and the Executive Director of China Oil Painting Society.

Selected Exhibitions

His works have been exhibited numerous times in National Fine Arts Exhibition, China Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, China Oil Painting Critic Nomination Exhibition, the second and the third China Oil Painting Exhibition, the first Exhibition of Fine Arts Literature Nomination, China Contemporary Arts Exhibition - "Human Condition", Red Star Over China - Contemporary Arts Exhibition, China Contemporary Arts Literature Exhibition, Oil Painting Study Exhibition, "Directions" - China Contemporary Arts Exhibition, the first China Oil Painting Society Exhibition, "Three Dimensional China" - The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Arts, etc. Also, he held five Sole Exhibitions nationally and internationally.


Selected Honors

He received the Silver Award at the sixth National Fine Arts Exhibition, and Outstanding Works Award at the second China Oil Painting Exhibition.

Representative Works

"The Harvest Season", Embarrassment - The Peking Opera Performer", "Sunshine·Hot Spring", "Sauna - The Shared Roses", "Crosswalk".

Main Collection

The National Art Museum of China , Shanghai Art Museum, Dong Yu Art Museum, University Museum and Art Gallery of University of Hong Kong, Gang Tai Art Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Han Pu Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum, and various collectors.

Outstanding Publications

"Difei Jia Oil Painting Collection"

"Difei Jia Drawing Collection"

"China Modern Arts Critique Series - Difei Jia"

"Thoughts on Painting"

"Contemporary Painter Style on Drawing Series - Difei Jia's Drawing"

"China Contemporary Artists - Difei Jia's Arts Collection"