1982    Born in Shan Dong,China

2004  Graduated from Department of ink painting, Central Academy Of Fine Arts,Beijing,China

Now living and working in Beijing,China


Solo Exhibition

2013  “Guan Guan's Horse — Li Guanguan SoLo Exhibition” Triumph Art Space,Beijng

2012  "To Dream for Horse" Solo Exhibition,Village South Art Salon, Beijing


Group Exhibition

2015   Ink art fair in Hong Kong Art triumph art space Hong Kong convention and exhibition center

2015   Hail to the ocean -  China contemporary art exhibition Sanya,

2015   China  Across the border in 2015-100 \"youth art exhibition\" One art space

2015   Nanjing international youth art biennale, jinling gallery

2015   See life art, today art museum 1

2015   "anonymous\" exhibition space of Beijing 798 SAN

2015   Making a \"the first contemporary art Beijing has the top design center

2014   "hidden The Unfathomable\" today art museum Beijing

2014   "youth decided the future\" youth art 2014 Hong Kong tour in Beijing

2014  The line of sight of people - China and South Korea, meeting different South Korea gyeonggi province art museum

2013   ‘Art Taipei 2013’, Triumph Art Space, Taipei

2013   ‘In My Heart: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink‘, Triumph ArtSpace,Beijng

2013   ‘Art Nova 100’ Beijing

2013   ‘Art Beijing’, Triumph Art Space, Beijng

2013   ‘Art Macao 2013’ Triumph Art Space, Macao

2013   ‘Young Art Taipei’, Triumph Art Space, Taipei

2012   The group exhibition of ‘Ning’, Ning Gallery, Beijing

2012   The group exhibition of ‘Phantom of the Opera’, Hong Studio, Beijing

2012   The group exhibition of ‘Phoenix Luan Gongs’, Tree Museum, Beijing

2012   The group exhibition of "Prophecy" , Long Mai Gallery, Beijing

2012   ‘Art Beijing’, O2 Art, Beijing

2011   ‘Art Beijing’, Hanmo Art gallery, Beijing

2009   The After 80’s Artists Group Exhibition, ‘Live 3’, Songzhuang, Beijing

2008   The group exhibition of Chinese Painting Gallery, Beijing

2008   The first cutting-edge Meticulous Exhibition, Beijing