Born in 1961 in Beijing, China

Lives and works in Beijing and New York



State Academy of Fine Art, Maastricht, Holland

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

MFA Bard College, Annondale on Hudson, NY, USA



2009      “Dance in Dream - Zhao Gang Solo Exhibition”, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2008      Hong Kong Art Center with Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong, China

TSI Yi Space Gallery, Beijing, China

2007      Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, USA

        Galerie Christian Nagel, Koln, Germany

10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, China

        “Portrait, Landscape, Memory” He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

2006      Galerie bleich-Rossi, Vienna, Austria

2005      “Want Sex”, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China

“The War Game” Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin, Germany

2004    “Irony of Mistranslation” Michael Goedhuis, New York, USA

2002    Gallery 4A, Sydney, Australia

1999    Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China

1994    Peg Alston Fine Arts, New York, USA

1992    Vorpal Gallery, New York, USA

1991    “The Unpainted Landscapes”, Gutharc Balin Gallery, Paris, France

1990    Vorpal Gallery, New York, USA

1989    Via del Moro 25/b, Rome, Italy

1987    Lavaggi Gallery, New York, USA



2009    “Embrace Suzhou” Exhibition of the Chinese Contemporay Arts, Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China          

           Guangzhou Triennale, Guang Zhou, China

            Yokohoma Triennale,Yokohoma,Japan

2008    “Delirious Beijing”, PKM Gallery, Beijing, China

            “Chinese Apartment Art: 1970s-1990s”, Shuimu Art Space, Beijing, China

2007     “Yi School: Thirty Years of ‘Abstract Art’ Preview in Beijing”, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China / Spain

              “Origin Point: ‘Star Group’ Retrospective Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

             “Long March Project in Performa 07”, New York City, USA

             “A Point in the Red”, Kashya Hilderbrand Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2006      “Jiang Hu”, Tilton Gallery, New York, USA

            “The Face of Contemporary Art in China”, Virginia Beach Contemporary   Museum of Art, USA

                   “The Face of Contemporary Art in China”, Federal Reserved, Washington D.C., USA

2005     “Contemporary Erotic Drawings”, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA

            “Contemporary Erotic Drawings”, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, USA

            “David Diao and Gang Zhao”, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2004      “Sunrise Sunset”, curated by Amanda Church and Courtney Cox, Smack

             Mellon, Brooklyn, New York, USA

            “Silknet”, Galerie Urs Meile, Luzern, Switzerland

2003      “David Diao/Gang Zhao: at Mid Career”, Asian American Arts Centre,New York, USA

             Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA

2002      “Jessica Murray Projects”, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2001     Central Academy Gallery of Fine Art, Beijing, China

            “Wei Liu and Gang Zhao” Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2000      “Xing Xing Group Show”, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1998      “Salon 300”, Williamsburg, New York, USA

             “David Lowe and Gang Zhao”, Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

1990      “The Door”, P,S,1, Institute of the Arts, Long Island City, New York,USA

             Blum Helman Gallery, New York, USA

1989      “The Stars: 10 Years”, Festival d'Automne de Paris, Paris, France

1987      SUNY Albany Art Gallery, Albany, New York, USA

1986    “Beijing/New York: Avant-Garde Chinese Art”, Sharon Creative Arts Foundation, Sharon, CT. USA

            Vassar College Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

            City Gallery, New York, USA

1980      “Xing Xing (The Star)”, China Art Gallery, Beijing, China

1979      “Xing Xing (The Star)”, Beihai Park, Beijing, China