1956   Born in Ji Lin Province, Si Ping City

1982   Graduated from Fine Arts Department, Northeast Normal University


Solo Exhibition


2008   “Selective Exhibition of Triumph Art Collection”, Triumph Art Space, Beijing

2008   “ Those Red Years-Pan Dehai Solo Exhibition ”Myhumblehouse Art Gallery, TaiWan

2007   “ Pan De Hai Solo Exhibition ”Beijing Poly Art Museum

2001   “ Receding Hairline-Solo Exhibition ”, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong

1994   “ Pan De Hai Solo Exhibition ”, Goethe Institute, Beijing


Group Exhibition


2008   “The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Arts--II ” Triumph Art Space, Beijing

 “ Case Studies of Artists in Art History and Art Criticism ”  SZ Art Center

 “ Beijing-Athens Contemporary Art from China ”National Contemporary Art Centre Athens Greece

2007  “85 New Art’The First Contemporary Art Renovation Exhibition ”, Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

 “ Art and Collection ”Poly Art Museum

 “ Triumph- The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Arts ” Triumph Art Space, Beijing

 “ From New Figurative Image to New Painting ”Tang Contemporary Art Center, Beijing

       “ Set Up from Southwest ”Guangdong Art Museum

       “ Viewing From Afar ” Oriental Vista Art Collections, Shanghai

2006 “2006 Yun Nan Contemporary Art Invitational ” Square Gallery of Contemporary, Nanjing

“ International Art Exposition ” Vanessa Art Center, Beijing

“ Create in Yun Nan ” Yun Art Gallery, Kun Ming

“ Beijing International Art Exposition ”, Beijing

2005  “ Land of Warmth ” Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai

“ The Preordained Relationship Sky ” Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen

“ Scent of a Woman ” Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

      “ Awakening: La France Mandarin-The French Influence on Chinese Art ”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2004  “ Gui Zhou Biennale”, Guizhou Normal University Fine Art Museum, Guiyang

“ Awakening: La France Mandarin-The French Influence on Chinese Art ”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2003  “ Invitational Exhibition -Schoeni Art Gallery ”, Beijing

2002-2004   “ Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ”, Germany Duisburg Art Gallery, Germany

            “ Contemporary Art Museum ” Roman Contemporary Art Museum, Italy

2001   “ Girls and Boys ”, Soobin Art Int'l Gallery, Singapore

2000   “ Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition ”, Contemporary Art Gallery, London

1999   “ 2000 Asia Exhibition ”, France

1996   “ Reality, Today, and Tomorrow ”, International Art Gallery, Beijing

1993   “ Post ’89 New Art ”, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

 “ From Mao to Pop Art ”, Australian Art Museum, Melbourne Art Museum,   Melbourne 1991   “ China Contemporary Philology Exhibition ”, China Paint Institute, Beijing

1989   Won the Third Prize at 7th National Fine Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing

 “ China Contemporary Art Exhibition ”, National Art Museum, Beijing

1988   “ Contemporary Art Exhibition ”, Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu

 “ Huang Shan Art Congress ” , Tun Xi , An Hui Province

1986   “ New Image Fine Art Exhibition ”, Kun Ming Library, Sichuan Academy of Fine Art

Organized and Participated in “ Southwest Art Research Group ” , Kun Ming

1985   “ New Image Fine Art Exhibition ”, Shang Hai Jing An Temple Culture Museum, Nan Jing Health Education Museum, Chongqing