1978  Born in Tianjin

1998  Graduated from Tianjin College of Art & Design

1999  Study in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

2001  A series of paintings "Urban Peoples" published in Jiangsu

Art Monthly. Documentary Film Of "The Dreamer of

Colorful World - Sun Yi" broadcast on TianjinTV

2003  Tianjin Excellent Works Exhibition of Oil Painting; "Our

New Century - The Third Oil Painting Exhibition of China"

2004  Tianjin Artwork Exhibition

2005  Amazing Vision - Shanghai Exhibition of Chinese Young

Artists' Works

2006  Art Shanghai, collected by korean art organization

2006  The First Tianjin Art Biennale

2007  Red T Gallery, Beijing

2007  Chinese New Generation Artist Award Exhibition 2007

2007  Tube Tangsheng Art Salon <>

2008  Art Beijing   Beijing

2008  Art Singapore  Singapore

2008  Art Taipei   Taipei

2008  Rainbow  Triumph Alternative Space

2010  CIGE2010  Beijing