Zhou Chunya


1955  Born in Chongqing China
1982  Graduated from the Department Painting
      Sichuan Academy of Fine arts Chongqing
1988  Graduated from Experiment Art Department
      Kassel Academy of Fine Arts Kassel Germany




2007  Blooming Stories Paintings & Sculptures by Zhou Chunya Beijiing

      Today Art Museum China
2006  Unclear & Clearness Heyri Asia Progect

      Chinese Contemporary Art Festival Korea
      Extension of Realism Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taiwan China
      Zhou Chunya · Liu Wei, The Lime Light of Chinese Contemporary Art

      Artside Gallery Seoul Korea
      The Naked Truth, Six Chengdu---based Chinese Contemporary artists
      Tang Contemporary Art Gallery Banglok Thailand
      New Works by Zhou Chunya
      Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund Shanghai China
2005  Focus op China, WBK Vrije Academie Den Haag Holland
      "1" Biennale Internationaled 

      Art Contemporain Chinois De Montpellier" France
2004  Dreaming of the Dragon’s Nation---

      Contemporary Art Exhibition from China, Irish Museum of Modern Art

      New Works by Liu Wei·Zheng Zaidong·Zhou Chunya

      Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund Shanghai China
      Beyond Boundaries, Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund
2003  Made in China, Fondation D’Art Cotemporain

      Daniel Florence Guerlain France
      Alors,La Chine, Centre Pompidou Paris France
      Six Marks of the Paintbrush, Gallery Miejska Arsenal Poznan
      BWA-Salon Sztuki Wspolczesnej Bydgoszcz Miejska Sztuki Lodz
      Gallery Bielska BWA Bielsko-Biala Poland
2002  Green Dogs, 314 international Art Centre Bergen Norway
      Zhou Chunya, Museum of Art Modern Contemporary Trento Italy
      Dream 02 Contemporary Chinese Art

      The Red Manston Foundation London England

      The First Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou China
2001  5 Chinese Avant---Garde Artists, Artside Gallery Seoul Korea
      Towards a New Image, National Art Museum Beijing

      Shanghai Art Museum Sichuan Art Museum Guangdong Art Museum

      The First Chengdu Biennale, Museum of Modern Chengdu China
2000  Chinese Oil Painting in 20th Century, National Art Museum Beijing

1999  1999---China New Art, Limn Gallery San Francisco USA
1998  East meets East in the West, Limn Gallery San Francisco USA
1997  Quototion Maeks, Singapore Art Museum Singapore
1997  8 Avant---Garde Chinese Artists, SooBin Art Gallery Singapore
1996  China!, Chinese Conternporary Art, Art Museum Bonn Germany
1996  The First Shanghai Biennale, Art Museum Shanghai China
1994  The Annual Exhibition of Works of the Artists Nominated by Art Crttics

  Nationnal Art Museum China
1993  China New Art Post---1989, Art Central Hong Kong China
1992  The First 90 Guangzhou Biennale, Guangzhou China
1987  The works of Zhou Chunya, Dusseldorf Germany
1987  Zhou Chunya Invitationl Exhibition, Domach---Anhof Art Centre Linz Austria
1981  The Second China Youth Art Exhibition, Nationnal Art Museum Beijing