Xu Hongxiang

1984 Born in Changsha, Hunan Province

2007 Graduated with BA degree from the Printmaking Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

2011 Graduated with MA degree from the Printmaking Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Now live and work in Beijing



2005 Attended the year-end work exhibition of CAFA, awarded the second prize and had one piece collected by the academy

2007 Awarded the second prize of CAFA Graduate Creation Exhibition

   Won the bronze award at the “Graduation Exhibition” held by Today Art Museum

2016 Won the “Discover Future” award by Art Power 100


Solo Exhibition

2014 Xu Hongxiang Solo Exhibition, SZ Art Center, Beijing


Individual Program

2016 Farming – a temporary display held in Shiren Village, Changsha

Li Qiang, Changsha


Group Exhibitions

2017 The green ray Young Artist Group Exhibition Triumph Galley Beijing Visual Questions-Young Artists’Visions and Experiences,Guangdong

Oriental Story, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

Centripetal Force: Four Dimensions of Chinese Contemporary Art, SCA Galleries, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

2016 Elite Young Artists Program, Right View Art Museum, Guan Shanyue Art Museum,

Beijing, Shenzhen

Shuffling, Alioth Art Center, Shanghai

Dream Control, MoShang Gallery, Beijing

Unnamed Scenery Without a Single Soul, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing

Decathlon, Right View Art Museum, Beijing

Thought of Criticality, MoShang Gallery, Beijing

Anti-label – Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Changsha Zhiben Art Gallery, Changsha

2015 Hey Future – window program of Today Art Museum, Today Art Museum,    


Nanjing International Youth Art Biennial, Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing

The Gaudy City, the Third Art Exhibition of So Art Group, Shandong

2014 Perspective of SO, the Second Art Exhibition of So Art Group, Mingtai Space,


In Silence – China Contemporary Art, City Hall of Sydney, Australia

The Ode to Youth – China-Korea Young Artists Exhibition, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Thingliness Group Exhibition, EARC, Beijing

2013 Art Breakthrough Thematic Exhibition, Art Beijing 2013, Beijing

The Sixth Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu

The Third Artnova100 Program, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

Insomnia, Levy Space, Beijing

2012 The First Art Exhibition of So Art Group, underground exhibition hall of CAFA, Beijing

Micro Group Exhibition, EGG Gallery, Beijing

The Second Artnova100 Program, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu

2011 Expectation – Five-Year Retrospective Exhibition of Youth Creations, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Ten-Year Retrospective Exhibition of Fundamental Department, Art Gallery of CAFA, Beijing


2009 Happy Times, Guanxiang Gallery, Taipei

Start Life Anew, Hua Art Gallery, Shenzhen

Contemporary Art DRAWING Exhibition – View, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

Red Sun – Group Exhibition of Hunan Artists, Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum, Changsha

2007 Youth in Water, Liquor Factory, Beijing

Light of Academy, exhibition hall of CAFA, Beijing

Chinese Expressions in Change – From Innocence to Amnesia, Amelie Gallery,  


2006 National Universities Print Exhibition, Tianjin