1982 Born in Shenyang, Liao Ning Province, China

2006 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China

Work and live in Beijing


Solo Exhibition

2015 Deja-vu,Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2013 here.not.here, Joy space, Beijing, china

2012 living Room, thegallery@oxo, London, United Kingdom

2011 AT.NOT, UCCA, Beijing, China


Group Exhibitions


 “A beautiful New World”— The 2nd NJIAF (2015) Exhibition, Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China

WITHIN SIGHT- Chinese new Painting At Post Financlal Criss Era, Foundation Taylor, Paris, French

BLOW-UP Chinese new Painting At Post Financlal Criss Era, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China


WITHIN SIGHT Chinese new Painting At Post Financlal Criss Era, Poly Art Museum, Beijing, China  

Chinese New Painting Award 10th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition, Hi Art Center, Beijing, China

Is circle a shape, or a symbol?, D-space, Beijing, China


The material & the method in the painting, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Encounters - ART SANYA, Sanya, China


terna 04 contemporary art prizes, multimedia art museum, Moscow, Russia


Micro-life, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China

Terna 03 contemporary art prize, Rome, Italy                                                  


By the city, CAFA, Beijing, China

I`m, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China

China in the Copy Time, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, China

Uncertain Possibility, SongZhuang Art Center, Beijing, China


“SACA Asian Contemporary Art Spirit”China, Janpan and Korea Art, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Subjective-Contemporary Art Exhibition, White Box Art Museum, Beijing, China

False or True-Animation Aesthetics Biennale, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Second“Niubi Newbie Kids”, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China


China Contemporary Documenta, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China

Harmony in Diversity-Compatibibility of 19 Cross-Stait Art Spirits, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

Anything is Possible, CCRN Museum, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Niubi Newbie Kids, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong, China


Generation Suss-sauer-Chinas neue Kunstler, Mannheim Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany

Shada-China Innovative Painting Award, YanHuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Your View, My Story, Pferdestalle des Postfuhramtes, Berlin, Germany

B52, C5art Art Centre, Beijing, China