1979      Born in Zhejiang Province

1995-1997 Studied in Fine art School of China Academy of Art Hangzhou,Zhejiang
2001      Graduated from Gong-Bi (Realistic Painting) Studio of Traditional      

             Chinese Painting Department, CAFA
2004      Graduated from No. 1 Studio of Fresco Department, CAFA, with a Master Degree of Art
Now Work as a instructor at the Art Department of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


Main Exhibition

2016     “Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting”, Today

           New Tales of InkTriumph Art Space Beijing

           Art Museum, Beijing

2015    “Silent Poetry - Chinese Contemporary Ink Art”, University Museum and  
           Art Gallery

2014    “Reform Art-system by Ancient Examples Contemporary Elaborate-style  

           Painting Exhibition”,Today Art Museum,Beijing

           "Return——A Dialogue of Oriental Aesthetics"Academic Exhibition ,Real

           Space ,Beijing

           "A New Account of the Tales of the World" Contemporary Chinese ink

           painting Exhibition,Ding Feng Space,Beijing

           "The power of focus "Contemporary Chinese ink painting Exhibition , Today

           Art Museum,Beijing

           "Painted Skin" Five Female ink Artists Exhibition ,Hive Center for

           Contemporary Art,Beijing

          "She-era" Contemporary Art Exhibition,Times Museum,Beijing

2013    “Elegance in the Mortal World Contemporary ink painting Invitational

           Exhibition”, Yuchen Art Museum,Yantai

           "Being Asia"The United _Exhibition of China-Japan-Korea young

           artists ,Art Beijing 2013

           "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era"The 9th National Exhibition OF Chinese  

           Hue Art Paintings Collection ,National Art Museum of China,Beijing

           "College of new matrix" Contemporary Chinese ink painting

           Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing

           "The Sixth Chengdu Biennial " Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum,Chengdu;

2012    “Warer -Ink Field of China Contemporary Chinese ink painting

           Exhibition”, Duolun Museum Of Modern Art ,Shanghai

           "Dark Energy" Contemporary Art Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing;

           "Visual China America Line" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,San


           "The fifth Beijing International Art Biennial" ,National Art Museum of  


           “Narcissus' Love Song” Amelie Art Gallery

           "Art Nova 100" Enjoy Museum of Art,Beijing

           "China Ink 100 Years" Carousel Invitation Exhibition,Louvre

           Museum ,Paris ,France  

           “Indulgence in Personal Taste-- Chinese Contemporary Art

           Exhibition”,Amilie Art Gallery,Beijing

2011          “North and South Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition”

           4th National Youth Art Exhibition (Sole Winner of The Excellence Award)

           5th Chengdu Biennial at the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art

           "Academic Fine Brushwork" - Second National Youth Fine Brushwork  

           Exhibition at the Art Gallery of the China National Academy of

           Painting ,Winner of the National Youth Award

          “Clue of Heart - Invitational Exhibition of Young Artists”Triumph Art

           "Creative Concept and Character",Contemporary Fine Brushwork  

           Achievement Exhibition,Beijing

2010   China Art Week Expo 2010 at the theme pavilion of Expo 2010,Shanghai

2009    “11th National Artworks Exhibition”, Central Academy of Fine Art;

           "Cutting Edge" Contemporary Chinese Art Show at the True Color  

           Museum.(Suzhou ,Jiangsu)

           "Mirrored" Contemporary Chinese Art Show at the True Color

           Museum.(Suzhou ,Jiangsu)

           2nd "Miniature & Delicacies" National Gong-Bi (Realistic Traditional  

           Chinese Painting) Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. (Golden



2011    “One Hundred Years of Solitude” Won The Top Prize of the 4th National  

           Youth Art Exhibition
           The Top Prize of the 2nd National Youth Collaborate-style Painting Award;

2009    The Golden Award in 2nd “Microcosm and Exquisite” Fine Brush works and

           Detail Painting Exhibition
2004    The Excellent Graduation Work Award,CAFA
2001    Second Prize of “Gangsong Family Foundation”, Bachelor Students’

           Graduation Work of Central Academy of Fine Arts
2000    Excellent Works in Asia-Pacific region of Nokia “Paradise of


Public Collections:
CAFA Art Museum

Shanghai Duolun Art Museum

Chengdu Modern Art Museum