1983 Born in LiaoNing Gaizhou City,China;

2006 Graduated from Lu Xun Art academy Department of Oil Painting;

Now lives in Beijing.

Solo show:

2015 《A105》/ PaTa Gallery,Shanghai.

2015 《Unofficial History》CIGE China International Gallery Exposition,Beijing.

2013 《Mo Luo-Zheng Hong Xiang solo exhibition》/ PaTa Gallery,Shanghai.

2011 《Scam-Zheng Hong Xiang solo exhibition》/ PaTa Gallery,Shanghai.

2011 《An Absurd Icon -Zheng Hong Xiang solo exhibition》/ ShContemporary 2011.

2010 《Fable Zheng Hong Xiang solo exhibition》/ Pa Ta Gallery ,Taipei Taiwan.

2009 《BOX--Zheng Hong Xiang Solo exhibition》/ Pa Ta Gallery,Beijing China.

Group Show:

2016 《Eyeing》/Keumsan Gallery,Seoul,Korea.

2016 《The flow of painting Biennale》/116㎡ Art Museum,Hangzhou China.

2016 《Qing Jin Program》Zhengguan Art Museum,Beijing China/GuanShanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen China.

2016 《Transcendental Perspective》/New Gallery on Old Bailey, Hongkong

2016 《Chine New Wave》/ Art Issue Projects Gallery,Taipei Taiwan.

2015 《Sovrapposizioni Di Immagini》/ Caceres Museum,Italy 

2015 《enough of art,fuck art》itinerant exhibition ,Paris-Rome- Bruxelles.

2015 《Slip Awey》/ArtDepot Gallery,Beijing.

2015  《The Hubbub Of Mixed Voice—The True Self-Depiction For This Era》Rainbow Wall Gallery,Beijing.

2014 《Dual Program》/ PaTa Gallery,Shanghai.

2014 《oh my god》/ Action Space,Beijing.

2014 《Art Beijing 2014》/Beijing

2014 《Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia》/Art Factory,Beijing China.

2013 《TRANSITIVE》/ Fu Xin Gallery, Miami   USA.

2013 《Side Road—Reciprocating Self and Consciousness》/ Huantie Times Gallery,Beijing.

2013 《In Between》/ Huantie Times Gallery,Beijing.

2013 《the portrait of space-2013 Parkview Green Art Festival》/ Parkview Green,Bei Jing.

2013 《We:1994-2013》/ SongZhuang Art Center, Beijing.

2013 《Art Taipei2013》/ Taipei Taiwan.

2013 《Art 021》/ Shanghai

2012 《Arte Fiera Bologan 2012》/ Bologna Italy.

Room A105 2012 《Fables & Theatreality》/ASIAN ART PIERS Gallery, NEW YORK  USA.

2012 《Art Beijing 2012》/Beijing

2012 《Young Bones—New Generation from the North East》/ Pata Gallery,Shanghai.

2012 《Emerging Artists from North II 》/Pata Gallery, Shanghai./ Mountain Art Beijing & Frank Lin Art Center, Beijing.

2012 《Art Revolution Taipei》/ Taipei Taiwan.

2012 《Footprint  Continuation》, Pata Gallery, Shanghai.

2012《Shanghai Art Fair 2012》/ Shanghai.

2012《Return to a visual method》  ShenYang

2011 《Art Revolution Taipei》/ Taipei Taiwan.

2011 《PaTa Gallery Shanghai Moganshan New Space Opening Show》 / PaTa Gallery,Shanghai.

2010 《2010 Contemporary Artists Exhibition》/ Beijing China,5 element gallery.

2010 《Art Fiera Art First》/ Bologna Italy.

2010 《Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2010》/ Hong Kong.

2010 《YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2010》/ Taipei Taiwan.

2010 《ShContemporary 2010》/ Shanghai China.

2010 《Emerging artists from North》/ Beijing China,Pa Ta Gallery;Mountain Art Beijing·Frank Lin Art Center.

2009 《2009 Art Basel Miami》/ Miami USA.

2009 《ShContemporary 2009》/Shanghai.

2009 《10Years the new century,Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Artists Exhibition》,/ Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts,Shenyang.

2007 《Solo Sound--The New Generatino of 6 Artists show》/Beijing 9 Cube Art Museum,Beijing.

2006 《The Chinese Graduation Exhibition》/ Beijing Today Art Museum,Beijing.