1978   Graduated from Tianjin Art & Craft School.

1985   Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

1991   Graduated from Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts



1985      International Youth Year exhibition, National Art Museum of China

1985      International students of fine art academy exhibition, Japan.

1987      China’s First Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai.

1987      Oil painting exhibition,India & Kuwait

1988    China’s Seventh exhibition. Award of best work prize National Art Museum of China

1993      “Shen Zhou” exhibition, Central of art education.Singapor.

1994      China’s Eighth Art exhibition, National Art Museum of China  

1995      China’s Third Oil Painting exhibition, National Art Museum of China

1997    Traces of life Solo exhibition. Chapel of Chapel,Australia

1998    “Dragon” exhibition, Access Gallery,      National Gallery of Victoria

1998    “New Other” Nexhibition,Australia

1999      China Contemporary Art exhibition, National Art Museum of China

2000      Solo exhibition,“ Traces of life”,Pacific – Art space,Australia.

2001      Solo exhibition,“ The lost city “ Mel Uni,Australia

2003      China Fourth oil painting exhibition.,National Art Museum of China

2007      “Over the hedge” exhibition, Tafa Gallery , Belgium.

2008      Traces of life,Solo exhibition, Australia.

2009      Qi Ming University exhibition,korea

2009     “dao tong xing yi” exhibition,National Art Museum of China

2009     “coming home” exhibition,798 Linda gallery       Beijing

2010     China oil painting exhibition,National Art Museum of China

2010     international famous artist exhibition,Beijing

2010     contemporary artist exhibition,Songzhuang Beijing

2011     Retrospection & deviation-heart outside body,Host/times art museum

2012     The more valuable and potential artist exhibition,national art centre

2013     The Traces of life   solo exhibition798 Gantanhao GalleryBeijing

2014     Oil Painting Tracks was selected into the 12th National Art Exhibition