1956   Born in ShanXi Province, China 

1982   Bachelor at Nan Jin Academy of Fine Arts 

1986   Master at Nan Jin Academy of Fine Arts 

1986 - 1988   Teaching in Nan Jin Academy of Fine Arts 

1988 - 1990   Works in China Art News as editor 

1991 - 1998   Works as professional artist 

2002   Professor at Institute of Fine Arts of NanJin University  

1999 - 2007   Professor at Institute of Sculpture Arts of NanJing University 

2005   Senior Consultant of National Project of Buddhist Image Research

2011   Professor at School of Arts of Renmin University of China


Selected Exhibitions


2011    Light is Line - Ballpen Sketches by Ding Fang, from 1980 to 1989, Triumph Art Space,


2011    Water&Life - 5th Beijing International Year·Easter Art Exhibition, Beijing

2010    Sunny Xinjiang Art Exhibition, Military Museum, Beijing

2010    Track&Qualitative Changes - 2nd Beijing Film Academy International New Media

        Art Triennial

2010    2010· 4th Beijing International Biennial, National Museum of China, Beijing

2010    Chinese Expressionism Artist Group Exhibition, BJMOCA, Beijing

2010    The Diversity of Art - the 18th World International Congress of Aesthetics Invitational

        Exhibition, Hall Peking University, Beijing

2010    To Start from Manet - Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Master, Manet International

        Club Art Center, Beijing

2010    Time Paint Farmers - New Chinese Painting Themed on Farmer, Zhejiang Art Museum,


2010    30 Years of Chinese Art•Painting(1979-2009), Minsheng Modern Art Museum,


2010    Harmonious Diversity - Recent Painting Collection of National Museum of China,

        National Museum of China, Beijing

2010    Ding Fang Painting - Another Style of the Artist, Yunshang Art Center, Nanjing

2010    Resplendent Starlight Lasting Charm——Beijing Benze art journey, Beijing

2009     Tension of Polar - Invitational Exhibition of Famous Artist form Beijing, Shanghai,

         Chengdu, Qisheng Art Museum, Chengdu

2009     Chinese Art Travel Exhibition, Paris, Frankfurt

2009     Report to Motherland: 60 Years of New China Art - 1949-2009, National Museum of

         China, Beijing

2009     Art At the Beginning of the 21st Century - Artist from Mainland and Taiwan, Taipei,


2009     Yi-Pai - Century Thinking, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2009     Wind from West China - A Selected Collection from National Art Museum of China,

         Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan

2009     Abnormal Situation, Wall Art Museum, Beijing

2008     Jiangsu from Opening and Reformation, Nanjing Museum

2009     09Famous Artist Group Exhibition, Huantie Times Art Museum, Beijing

2008     Shocking Art Exhibition, Blue Space, Chengdu

2008     Culture Behind Culture - 12 Oil Painting Artists of China, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing

2008     Art Charity China - 2008 Chinese Art Travel Exhibition, Beijing, Tokyo, HK

2008     People·China - Humanity in 20th Century Chinese Art, Museum of CAFA

2008     Ode to the Earth - Ding Fang Solo Exhibition, Ping Art Space

2007     Do not Turn Back - Exhibition of Chinese Advance Guard, TRA Gallery, Beijing

2007     Triumph - Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary, Triumph Art Space,


2007     The Third Space - Chinese Style Abstract, Jindu Art Museum, Beijing

2007     New Channel - Grand Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Yuqingtang Gallery,  

         Nantong, Jiangsu 
2006    Earth and Human - Ding Fang Sketch Works,
aye gallery, Beijing

2006    Working Aloft - Ding Fang, Liu Hong, Huang Jun Art Exhibition, Blue Space, Chengdu

2004    Exhibition of Ding Fang and Cao Ge, National Art Museum 

2006    Art Solstice Art Exhibition, aye gallery, Beijing

2005    New Christmas Song - Ding Fang Art Exhibition, Happy Village Art Center, Beijing

2004    The First Nominative Exhibition of Fine Arts Literature, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan 

2003    The Inviting Exhibition of Figurative Art Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai 

2003    Beijing Biennale, National Art Museum 

2003    Today China Art China Century Monument, National Art Museum 

2002    Exhibition of fifty Chinese Contemporary Artists China Century Monument 

2002    Weathering and Cohesion-Ding Fang Art Exhibition (Touring Exhibition) National Art

        Museum, Beijing; Shanghai Art Museum;

        Guang Dong Art Museum; Nan Jin Museum (solo) 

2001    Los Angeles Biennale, Los Angeles 

2000    Chinese Contemporary Art Vienna, National Art Museum, Vienna, Austria 

1999    Chinese Painting, Hong Kong Exhibition Centre 

1999    Emulation Art Exhibition of Professor Ding Fang Nan Jin University (solo) 

1998    Interchange Exhibition of Asian Art, Indonesia 

1992 - 1997    China New Art, Post-1989, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

1996    Awakened Chinese Arts, Modern Art Museum, Bonn, Germany 

1995    China Oil Painting National Art Museum 

1995    China Avant-garde Art Exhibition, Goteborg, Sweden 

1994    94 Exhibition of Art Crities, Nominees, National Art Museum 

1993    1st Oil Painting Art Exhibition, National Art Museum 

1991 - 1993    DingFang Art Exhibition, GaoXiong, TaiBei (solo) 

1989    China Modern Art, National Art Museum 

1988    Heading for the Future, Goteborg, Sweden 

1987    Oil Painting, JiangSu Art Museum 

1986    Oil painting Exhibition of Ding Fang Nan Jin Academy of Fine Arts (solo) 

1985    Jiang Su Young Artists Exhibition, Jiang Su Art Museum 

1984    Four Artists, Nanjing Art Place 

1982    Sketch Exhibition of Ding Fang Central Academy of Fine Art (solo)