1988 Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province, now living and working in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

2012 Graduated from Department of Wood Block, Nanjing Art Institute




“Making Fun of Each Other--A Double--Edge Sword”, Triumph Art Space, Beijing

“ArtNova100”, Beijing Agriculture Museum, Beijing

“Passing Jiangxinzhou”, Wenxiang Art Space, Nanjing

“Stroll in Linduan Works Exhibition”, Linduan Gallery, Nanjing



“Khang-Khu”, Laiwei Art Space, Beijing

“Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art”, Center of Contemporary Art of Shangdong, Nanjing

“Sino-US Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition”, the United States

“Ab·Normal Places” Painting Exhibition, Liliji Art Space, Beijing

“Threshold of Optical Image” Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition, Hongding Art Space, Nanjing



“Shanghai Youth Biennial Arts Exhibition”, Shanghai

“YOUTH First National Young Artists Recommendation Exhibition”, Center of Contemporary Art of Shangdong, Nanjing



“Conversation” with Nanjing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing

“Jiangsu Wood Block Exhibition”, Nanjing

“Set Free of Slave” Performance Art, Nanjing

“All the Way to the Sun”--Nanjing Youth Artists Group Exhibition, Shanghai