1989 born in Yanbian, Jilin

2008 studied at Oil Painting Department, Jilin College of the Arts

Now he studies at Fine Art School of Jilin College of the Arts as a postgraduate student




2015 Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition and 5th Anniversary Celebration, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Centre.

2015 Within Sight--Chinese New Painting in Post Financial Crisis Era, Poly Art Museum.

2015 The Second North Young Artists Invitation Exhibition: Day Fire, Triumph Art Space, Beijing.

2014 Art Mo Tour—Discover the city through the journey of art, Triumph Art Space, Macao.

2014 Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Group Exhibition: Looking to the Past with a Vision of Future. Beijing International Art Exposition, Beijing.

2014 Parallel Exhibition of the Academy Star: All Flowers Bloom Together. Zero Art Gallery, Beijing.

2013 Untitled: Young Artist Group Exhibition. Triumph Art Space, Beijing.

2013 Award Nomination of the Future Artists Activity 2013, held by Artnet.com.

2012 Changchun Changchun published in New Culture Newspaper.

2012 Memories in Milan obtained Academic Award of Jilin College of the Arts.

2010 Harmonious Yet Different: Oil Paintings from 7 Artists, Changchun, China.

2010 Back 2- City of Memories obtained The First Prize of “Phoenix-arts” Art Contest.

2010 E-Beijing Artron Group Exhibition, Beijing.

2009 Gramophone won the first prize of the16th Art Festival of Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun, China.