Born in Changde in Hunan, China.


BFA in Painting from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.


Teaching in High School of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts


MFA from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China.


Working in Beijing, China.

Solo Exhibition

 2016    Historic Landscape:He Jie Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China.

 2016    Press Release- He Jie's Solo Exhibition,Poly Gallery, Hong Kong,China

 2015    China now,Royal College of Art,london,the UK


Forever Mark-He Jie Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China.


Forever Mark, Tian Ren He Yi Art Center, Hangzhou, China.


He Jie Works Exhibition, Jean Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.


He Jie Works Exhibition “Out of the theme,”,Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, China.


He Jie Solo Exhibition, Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan.


Post 70’s Futurism: He Jie’s Solo Exhibition, 798 Beijing Art Place, Beijing, China.

Group Exhibition

2017    "The green ray" Young Artist Group Exhibition Triumph Gallery Beijing China 2016    Painting mobile biennial 116 Art Museum Hang Zhou China
        Cross thinking Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China 
        Mountain of Flower and Fruits Yang Gallery Beijing China
2015    Art Central  Central Harbourfront Hong Kong
        Concept And Language In Paiuting Process Right View Art Museun Beijing china
        After History China Contemprorary Art Exhibition Triumph Art Space Beijing china


First Hi21 Young Art Fair, Beijing, China.

Fusion conve-Rgence The Official Opening OF T museum Hangzhou china

Art .Inheritance Modern And Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing china



Exploration in Southern Yangtze Invitation Art Exhibition, Wuxi Sujia Art Museum, Wu xi, China.


LAC Art Bank The Second Series Exhibitions of Chinese Contemporary Painting, Beijing, China.


Spring Hill- The New Chinese Painting Collections, Tian Ren He Yi Art Center, Hangzhou, China.


Retrospect and Reconstruction-Chinese Contrmporary Young Artists Exhibition, Manet Art Museum, Beijing, China.


Mens Joker Crossover Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China.


The Second Linzhou, China International Friendship& Peace Art Festival, Linzhou, China.


Into Your World, A12T Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.


Period of Clean& Calm, Confront Hullabaloo, Zendai Art, Shanghai, China.


Sociological Landscape­­---2012 The First Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale, Suzhou, China.

The project of art creation in Hunan province of major historical themes of Fine Art Exhibition, Changsha, China

Lake mobile museum vip open exhibition, Beijing, China

Lake art bank first chapter exhibitions of Chinese new painting, Beijing, China

Confluencideas and regional—International contemporary art exhibition, Zheng zhou, China

Return to a visual method art exhibition, Lu Xun Academy of fine arts art gallery, Shen yang, China



“The Fruits of Adventures” Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan.


Our Home ITC Century Fortune Centre, Beijing, China.


Deconstruction and Style, Vitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Manet Art Museum, Beijing, China.


The Art Award of Yan Wenliang- Suzhou Art Museum Annual Exhibition, Suzhou, China.


Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), Seoul, Korea.


“Standing” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jean Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.


“Innovation- 10 Passibilities”, Joy Art, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China.


“Enliven- In Between Realities and Fiction,” Animamix Biennial 2009, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China.




CIGE. Green Art Fair, China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Beijing. China.


“Trends in Hubei and Hunan- Chinese Contemporary Art 1985-2009”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China.


“Japan meets China: Our future reflected in Contemporary Art”, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts. Tochigi, Japan.


“Elegance with Cruelty- Chinese Contemporary Blue-Chip Artists Exhibition”, EM Art Gallery, Beijing, China.


“White Snow and Black Earth”- 70’s North-East Youth Artists Exhibition, H.J.Y. Art Center, Beijing, China.


ART BEIJING.. Contemporary Art Fair, National Agriculture Exhibtion Center, Beijing, China.


“Looks Very Beautiful”, PYo Gallery 798, Beijing, China.


“Youth”, China Square, New York, USA.


“100 Tales in Animamix”, Linda Gallery, 798Art Zone, Beijing, China.


“Surfing Animamix- Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Linda Gallery, Shanghai, China.


“Shanghai MOCA Envisage - Butterfly Dream”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China.


“Waiting in the Wings”, Beyong Art Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China.


“Chinese Dream in Marunouchi- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Maronouchi Building Hall 7F, Tokyo, Japan.


“The History of Arts and Cities- Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai”, SENDAI MEDIATHEQUE, Sendal, Japan.


“Chinese and Japanese Contemporary paintings from ZEIT- FOTO collection”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


“The New Literati- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibtion”, Osage Art Center, Singapore.


“Made in Beijing”, Hong-ik University Museum, Seoul, Korea.


“Beijing BS1 Contemporary Museum 2007 Nomination Exhibition”, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


“Gathering Sandcastles- Chinese New Generation Artists Award Exhibition 2007”, Yan Huang Art museum, Beijing, China.


“Escape by Crafty Scheme- Salvation from Traditional and Revolutionary Language ”, Square Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China.


“A Generation Out of the Center- Post 70’s Contemporary Art Exhibition”, 798 Art Festival, Beijing, China.


“Born in 1970s- Three 70s-Born Chinese Painting Exhibition”, 798 Avant Gallery, New York, USA.


“A Four-Men Show- Contemporary Art Group Exhibition”, 798 Art Place, Beijing, China.


“Free Walk- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibtion”, Osage Art Center, Hong Kong.


“Double- Kick Cracker- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.


A Three-Men Show of Chi Peng, He Jie and Zhong Shan, Mu Shang Gin Gallery, Shanghai, China.


“Conversation 10+10 Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Zenda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.


“Feng Shui”, Mandarin Palace Art Event, Zenda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai,China.


“Construct a Scene: Oil Painting by Qin Qi and He Jie”, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


“Beijing Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition”, China Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China.


Nomination of Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA), Beijing, China.


“Go Ahead!- works by He Jie, Qin Qi and Zheng Qiang”, Gaodi Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China.


“The Self-Made Generation- A Retrospective of New Chinese Painting”, Zenda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.


“Scratch-Or- China Singapore Digital Image Art Exhibition”, Beijing- Singapore.


“Penetration and fusion- 2005 New York Opening Exhibition”, Yi An Art Center, Beijing, China.


“Makeing the Happiness”, National Gallery of Melbourne, Australia.


“New idol”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai,China.


“Half Industry, Half Civilization”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China.


14th Videobrasll Internaltional Electronic Art Festival, São Paulo, Brazil.


“Guangzhou Sharpness”, Guangzhou, China.


“Created Happiness”, Jiang Art Centre, Beijing, China.


“Gan Ji- Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition”, Shangri-La Art Commune, Beijing, China.


“Bridge- Changchun Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art”, Far East Museum, Changchun, China.


“Make-up”, Xi’an, China.


“Magic Art Channel- Photo Exhibition”, Shenyang, China.


“Representation”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenyang, China.


“Opening 1, K-Space”, Shenyang, China.


“Entry and Exit”, Contemporary Art Exhibition , Shenyang, China.



Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea.


Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou, China.


Jean Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea.


White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Sydney, Australia


Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan.


Uli Sigg Art Collection, Switzerland.


Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.


Zenda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.